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It’s a rebranding for Amazon, including a renovated an minimal logotype, made by equilateral triangles and circles. The logo represent Read more
This project is a fictitious school project.   It consisted of creating an e.shop and a marketplace of the brands Read more
Be Wine My Friend is a set of labels created for a handcrafted wine as a gift to Barceló studio customers Read more
Rebranding of the visual identity and website design for MDT Mobilier. MDT Mobilier designs and produces steel furniture in Montreal. Read more
The Posters for the Bavarian State Opera have always been collectors items by opera and design devotees alike. Each season a new Read more
Designer : Jen Ditters Location : Sittard, The Netherlands Name of the project : hiding number 2 Read more
‘The whisky that almost was a never-was’, Glenfarclas 60-Year-Old Single Cask survived the decades after a near-catastrophic event in 1959. Read more
The Neubad Cultural Center is feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis.  This poster is intended to raise awareness amongst people and Read more